The Pentanchors boules club play on a dedicated pitch at the end of the garden at The Anchor Inn. This is the largest boules area in the West where 30 local teams regularly play.

Our current teams were very successful last year and we hope for more winners this season. If you are interested in joining us then please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

EARLY DAYS by Bob Baker

It must have been in about 1980, a reasonably hot summer that the White Hart at Littleton built a single boules piste in the garden. I had played the game in France a few times and really enjoyed it, so I was keen to use the piste at the Hart. I only played once or twice and when I mentioned it to friends in the Anchor, I found that several people were interested in playing a game on the new overflow car park over the road from the Anchor and so, with the blessing of Mike Dowdeswell, the Anchor landlord, on the occasional Sunday after the pub closed we played boules.

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Pétanque is a form of boules where the goal is, while standing with the feet together in a small circle, to throw hollow metal balls as close as possible to a small wooden ball called a cochonnet (jack). The game is normally played on hard dirt or gravel, but can also be played on grass or other surfaces. Soft sandy beaches are not suitable. Similar games are bocce and bowls.

The current form of the game originated in 1907 in La Ciotat, in Provence, in southern France. The English and French name pétanque comes from la petanca in the Provençal dialect of the Occitan language, deriving from the expression pès tancats, meaning "feet together" or more exactly "feet anchored".

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