Sparkling Wines


Botter Prosecco Extra Dry

Italy                                                    N/V                 £22.00       

Very pale in colour, with floral & citrus fragrances. It is crisp, dry and clean with small bubbles and a creamy finish.


Cremant De Bourgogne

Michel Leon, France                              N/V            £31.00       

Burgandy’s answer to Champagne. Delicate fine bubbles, fruity aromatics and a refined finish.


Baron De Villeboerg

Reims                                                   N/V                £31.00       

A delicious full yeasty aroma from the chardonnay & pinot noir grapes.


Bollinger Special Cuvee Brut

Ay, France                                            N/V                £54.00      

A hedonist’s dream from one of the great Champagne houses.

The grapes, mostly pinot noir, are from Grand Cru vineyards, which explains the generous full-bodied Bollinger style, rich, full flavoured and distinctive with a lovely creamy texture.


Crazy Bulles 2021       £18.00

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